16 December 2022

60 frame-runners purchased by the French Handisport Federation

Within the framework of the development of the frame-running and in a logic of inheritance, the Organizing Committee of the Paralympic Athletics World Championships (COMAP) and the National Agency of the Sport allowed the French Federation Handisport to buy 60 frame-runner (or bike petra).

The frame-runner is a tricycle with podal propulsion, which allows people with a strong dependence, to be able to run while they tend to move in a chair in their daily life.

Initiated by the athletics commission, and in particular Ludovic Buanec, this project is of great importance. Ludovic Buanec explains: ” This discipline brings freedom to people with disabilities and has health and social benefits. They have a regular physical practice and this allows them to meet other people. “.

These 60 frame-runners will be distributed in the different departmental and regional committees of the French Handisport Federation.

Illustration of a frame-runner – © P-Charlier / Fédération Française Handisport