Find all the news about the World Para Athletics Championships – PARIS’23. Learn more about the discipline and the athletes who will shine at the Charlety Stadium, from July 8 to 17, 2023.

17 July 2023

WHAOU ! The daily life of PARIS’23

Every morning until the end of the event, watch “WHAOU!”, the daily news of the Para Athletics World Championships – PARIS’23! N°12 – THE LAST WHAOU ! N°12 – LE DERNIER WHAOU ! N°11 –...

14 July 2023

Enleightening : The voices of Charléty

No spinning red chairs in Charléty. The PARIS’23’s Worlds already found their voice, or rathertheir voices. We met two of them before the evening session: Hélène already holding the micin Lyon in 2013 and Valentin,...

13 July 2023

Wednesday 12 July: Brazilian Razzia in Paris

With a total of 10 medals and 5 world championship titles, the Brazilian delegation completed an already impressive collection of medals. In addition to these medals, they set 2 of the 5 world records for...

12 July 2023

Tuesday 11 July: Secret of Genest

Manon Genest unlocked the French record books with bronze after a masterful competition, the fruit of a long year’s work. On the different areas of the Charléty stadium, this 4th day of competition saw four...

11 July 2023

Enligthening : How chronometry and measurement work

For this latest episode of lighting, let’s delve a little deeper into the technical side of things. For each competition, we need timing and distance measurement, otherwise we won’t have any results. Let’s find out...