The French Handisport Federation

The French Handisport Federation (FFH) named as such since January 09th, 1977, was founded on July 13th, 1963 in Paris and is recognized of public utility since 1983.
Logo de la fédération française Handisport

The missions of the French Handisport Federation

The organization, development, coordination and control of the practice of physical activities and sports, for the benefit of people with a physical and/or sensory disability, as well as the events inherent to this practice in France, on the metropolitan territory, in the departments and territories of overseas.
To do this, it relies on Departmental and Regional Committees, constituted as associations, as well as on more than 1400 duly affiliated associations.
The training and development of technical staff, judges and referees of sports disciplines for the benefit of disabled people.
The representation of associations and committees members with public authorities, national and international sports organizations and the defense of their moral and material interests.
The incitement to the creation of associations and committees as well as their promotion.
The French Handisport Federation contributes to the equality of opportunities in the physical and sporting practice, whether in leisure or in competition, for all the people affected by physical and/or sensory disabilities.
The French Handisport Federation is a member of the committees:

  • French Paralympic and Sports
  • French National Olympic and Sports
  • International Paralympic

The three core values of the FFH


It is essential to take into account the particularities of the participant. We welcome them so that they can benefit from a safe sports offer adapted to their capacities. In this, we rely on the principle of compensation of the consequences of the handicap, central pillar of the law called “for the equality of the rights and the chances, the participation and the citizenship of the handicapped persons” of February 11th, 2005.


The benefits of sport, in the life course of a person with a disability, allow him/her to develop his/her physical capacities and improve his/her independence. We accompany the participants towards a practice as free as possible.


Achievement through sport helps to improve self-esteem and to better understand one’s place in society. We offer to the member, according to his aspirations and his rhythm, an adapted involvement within the movement (performance, pleasure, escape, health, conviviality, management, arbitration…).
Dimitri Jozwicki (FRA), Athlète de la fédération française Handisport