11 October 2022

How it works: the Sports Department

From July 8 to 17, 2023, the World Para Athletics Championships – PARIS’23 will be in full swing. To best organize this event, an organizing committee was set up in April 2022. But then, what are the different poles of this organization? What are its basic missions? During the whole month of October, we tell you everything! So come and discover the many facets that make up the Organizing Committee of the World Paralympic Athletics Championships (COMAP).

Yoan Raynaud, a man with very short brown hair and a beard. He wears a white shirt under a black sweater.

To start the series of presentation of the COMAP, we met Yoan Raynaud, responsible for the sports service.

Bonjour Yoan, pour commencer, peux-tu nous expliquer quel est le rôle du service aux sports au sein du COMAP ?

Yoan Raynaud : “The role of the sports service is to prepare everything and to make sure that everything goes well during the competition. In order for everything to go smoothly, we must try to anticipate the different needs of all the actors of the competition.”

How many people are in the department?

Y.R : “There are two of us in the department. I am accompanied by Thomas, full time, and we are supported by the international authorities. These authorities carry out a follow-up with technical delegates to ensure the smooth running of the competitions.”

What are the missions of the department?

Y.R : “The missions are focused on the coordination of the sport. It is necessary to make a good preparation before the event and to make sure that all the actors of the sport can work in good conditions.
For the athletes, for example, it is to ensure that the registrations are done correctly and in a timely manner. Plan all the sports implementation and the competition program. But also, plan and find the right material management processes to have the right material in the right place at the right time.
There is also classification management to provide the right spaces and make sure the classifiers don’t miss anything. The same goes for anti-doping management.”

How do you work to advance in the missions?

Y.R : “With Thomas, we work in pairs to complement each other on the different missions. Each one works according to his preferences and skills, but in such a way that all the missions are carried out successfully.”

What are the specificities or particularities of the service?

Y.R : “It is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the different disciplines to be able to organize them in the best way. We can find this similarity with the communication department to follow the athletes well. But here, we really have to be in the details to allow the athletes to be in the best possible sporting conditions.”

What qualities and skills are required?

Y.R : “You have to be sporty and passionate, while being curious. It allows you to discover and learn all the specificities of the competitions.”

THE worst flaw for working in this department?

Y.R : “The worst part is the laziness. But in this department, the work is not regular throughout the preparation. That’s why you must not let yourself go and be able to anticipate things.”

THE situation to avoid on the day of the event?

Y.R : “On D-Day, it would be if there were bad weather. It would be catastrophic and complicated in the management of the event. But in this case, we can do nothing, because we are dependent on the weather conditions. On the other hand, a defect or a lack of material would be totally our responsibility.”