The essential

After having successfully organized this competition in 2002 in Villeneuve d’Ascq, then in Lyon in 2013, France and its capital city have obtained the organization of the next PARIS’23 – Para Athletics World Championships, from July 8 to 17 in Paris.
This event – considered as THE determining event for the world’s elite Paralympic athletes – marks the return to France of the 2nd largest international Paralympic competition after the Games, a strong signal just one year before the Paris 2024 Games. The Organizing Committee hopes to make these Para Athletics World Championships – PARIS’23 an outstanding edition with high standards of hospitality, promoting increased media coverage and a spectator experience that is as close as possible to the sporting exploits.
These championships also carry major stakes for the Paralympic movement, handisport and athletics: to provide a unique spectator experience, to position the event in the international sports ecosystem, to promote the high level of Para athletics practice, but also to establish this event as a responsible and committed organization.
Dimitri Pavadé en plein effort. Il participera aux jeux para-athlétisme paris 2023