24 January 2023

Resolution n°3 : I register in a handisport or adapted sport club

In this month of January, it is time for good resolutions. If you can’t find one, we have a new one for you. To kick off this year of 2023, it’s time for you to get licensed in a club and take up athletics.

In leisure or in competition, nearly 1000 structures of the French Federation of Handisport and the French Federation of Adapted Sport welcome you every day. The practice in a club will bring you a regular physical activity adapted to your handicap.

If you have a physical or motor disability, contact a departmental or regional committee of the FFH for more information. Solutions will also be provided for obtaining equipment for your practice.

If you are mentally handicapped, find all the information you need on the website of the French Federation of Adapted Sports to find a club near you.

Today, more than 1500 people have a license with the FFH or FFSA, so why not you?