12 June 2023

Team France: selected players

The French Handisport Federation today unveiled the list of athletes who will represent the French team at the Para Athletics World Championships. In accordance with the selection path defined and published by the French Handisport Federation, the federal selection commission has validated the list of athletes. At the same time as this selection commission, the Fédération Française du Sport Adapté has done the same. The French delegation will comprise 35 athletess who will be representing the French flag in just under a month’s time, including 29 athletes from the French Handisport Federation and 6 from the French Federation of Adapted Sport.

The list of French athletes:

  • ADOLPHE Timothée (100m, 400m) – T11
  • AGBLEMAGNON Gloria (Shot Put) – F20
  • AOUSTIN Beatrice (Shot Put) – F20
  • ASSOUMANI Arnaud (Long Jump) – T47
  • BERTRAND Valentin (Long Jump) – T37
  • BOULAGHLEM Delya (Long Jump, 100m) – T11
  • BOULARD Romane (Long Jump) – T38
  • BRIGNONE Nicolas (100m, 400m, 800m) – T53
  • CASOLI Julien (800m, 1500m, 5000m) – T54
  • CLERC Renaud (1500m) – T38
  • DAURAT Thibault (800m, 1500m, 5000m) – T54
  • DE WITASSE-THEZY Kevin (400m) – T47
  • FAIRBANK Pierre (100m, 400m, 800m) – T53
  • FRANCOIS-ELIE Mandy (100m, 200m, Long Jump) – T37
  • GEFFROY Gael (1500m) – T20
  • GENEST Manon (Long Jump) – T37
  • JOZWICKI Dimitri (100m) – T38
  • KAVAKAVA Vitolio (Shot Put, Long Jump) – F57
  • KEITA Nantenin (200m, 400m) – T13
  • KHELIFA Haroun (400m) – T20
  • KOUAKOU Charles-Antoine (400m) – T20
  • LANZA Angelina (Long Jump) – T47
  • LOGETTE-LODS Tiffany (100m) – T11
  • MAKUNDA Gauthier (100m, 400m) – T11
  • MEISSONNIER Soane Luka (Shot Put) – F20
  • METAIS Alice (200m, 400m) – T13
  • MUSANGANYA Yasser (100m, 400m) – T54
  • NOUCHET Alexandra (100m, Shot Put) – T63 / F64
  • PALLIER Ronan (Long Jump) – T11
  • PAVADE Dimitri (Long Jump) – T64
  • PRAUD Antoine (1500m) – T46
  • SOLDE Typhaine (Long Jump) – T64
  • TERKI Celia (200m, 400m) – T13
  • TOUZI Badr (Shot Put) – F63
  • ZORZI Axel (100m)T13

Note: In classification, “T” stands for track events and “F” for field events.


To be eligible for selection, athletes have to meet the minimum performance requirements set by the French Handisport Federation and the French Federation of Adapted Sport (performance to be achieved during the selection period from the 1st of January to May 28, 2023) in a competition approved by the World Para Athletics International Federation, in connection with the international qualification deadline.
For more imformation on the selection requirements:Minima-et-règles-sélection-mondiaux-2023.pdf (athletisme-handisport.org).

Guy Ontanon, Performance Manager – French Handisport Federation

The World Para-Athletic Championships are of great significance for the following reasons. Firstly, it is a decisive competition for athletes qualifying for the Paralympic Games. The performances achieved at these championships can influence the selection of athletes for the Games. The event also provides a platform for promoting Paralympic sport and raising public awareness of disabled sport. It highlights the diversity of disabilities present in Paralympic sport, helping to change perceptions and show that top-level sport is accessible to all, regardless of disability. The World Championships also provide an opportunity to discover new, emerging Paralympic talent. Lesser-known athletes can seize this opportunity to shine and make a name for themselves in Paralympic sport. Last but not least, this event will enable us to test the infrastructures, accessibility features, logistics and general organization in preparation for the Paralympic Games. These tests help identify strengths and areas for improvement to ensure the smooth running of the upcoming Paralympic Games.