23 November 2022

Valentin Berkane: “It’s nice to feel useful

Live an experience and make unique human encounters. Create strong links between volunteers and with the organizing committee. These World Para Athletics Championships – PARIS’23 will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories. To discover the richness of the Volunteer Program, we went to meet several volunteers who worked on different events of the French Handisport Federation.

For this penultimate meeting, we talked with Valentin Berkane. At 23, Valentin is a student in sports management. Present at the last Handisport Open Paris, at the Charléty stadium, he has already applied to be part of the adventure of the Para Athletics World Championships – PARIS’23. With us, he looks back on his adventure as a volunteer.

Hi Valentin. To begin with, how long have you been volunteering?

Valentin Berkane : « I’ve been volunteering for a while now. At first, I started in my handball club, then in big events from 2017. It was during the World Handball Championships, which were held in France. »

How did you discover the para sport world?

V.B : « I’ve been following the Qoezion platform for a while, and I saw the offer to volunteer for the Handisport Open Paris in 2022. I wanted to discover another discipline, and this competition finally allowed me to integrate an environment I didn’t know at all. »

What made you want to continue the adventure with the French Handisport Federation?

V.B : « It’s a very rewarding environment from a personal point of view. I have done very few events for the federation, but on a human level, it’s nice to feel useful for a federation that recognizes volunteers. »

What are the different missions you have done?

V.B : « On the HOP, I was assisting the equipment management and did the recording of results on the different events. This is related to my studies so it was perfect for me. »

What has made the biggest impact on you as a volunteer?

V.B : « What particularly touched and marked me was the sharing between the public and the athletes. As it was a young audience, to see them behind the athletes was very exciting to hear all this encouragement. »

Did you make connections with other volunteers as you went along?

V.B : « Since I was on a job where we were in a group, it allows you to meet people. And during free time, like lunch, you can talk to other people and it creates bonds. For my part, I have kept in touch with some people. »

What would you like to say to the general public to get them involved in the World Championships volunteer program?

V.B : « Take the step towards this unique experience! These are moments of encounters, of personal and professional enrichment. So go for the adventure of the World Para Athletics Championships, you won’t regret it. »