2 November 2022

Volunteer Program: Share the adventure of the World Championships, PARIS’23

From mid-June until the end of the World Championships, nearly 2,000 volunteers will be mobilized to help organize the event. Close to the athletes and the public, share the PARIS’23 adventure with us.

To be at the heart of the biggest para-sport event in existence, after the Paralympic Games,
Live an experience and make unique human encounters,
Create strong links with other volunteers and the Organizing Committee…
These World Para Athletics Championships – PARIS’23 will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories.

In total, nearly 2,000 passionate, enthusiastic and motivated volunteers will be mobilized on some fifteen missions to make this competition a sporting success.

Volunteers will be equipped with a kit in the event’s colors. Meals will be provided during mobilization slots. And convivial moments will also be dedicated throughout the event. The World Championships will be an incredible experience to live with family, friends or colleagues!

Today, nearly 500 people have already applied. So you too can join the Volunteer Program!

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