21 June 2023

What accessibility solutions can be found at Charléty Stadium?

Accessibility of public places for people with reduced mobility is a key factor in guaranteeing a high-quality, inclusive service. To coincide with the Para Athletics World Championships to be held from July 8 to 17 at the Charléty Stadium, PARIS’23 is devoted to proposing effective and, above all, sustainable accessibility solutions. These will enable us to offer an optimal experience to spectators, while at the same time ensuring the event’s legacy, so that they can be generalized and reproduced for future major events.

Testing GIVEVISION headphones at the Accor Arena

To achieve this, the organizing committee has enlisted the help of two partners, GiveVision and EZYMOB, who are implementing highly innovative solutions.

For visually impaired spectators, a low-vision helmet will be offered by GiveVision, enabling them to follow the sporting events in real time using their residual vision. Confirm your eligibility by completing this form. A total of 20 helmets will be available on July 8, 10, 16 and 17.

Ezymob, a solution for finding my way around the stadium

At the same time, EZYMOB provides a step-by-step guidance solution to help people find their way around the stadium and its surroundings. Easily available on the event’s webapp, the EZYMOB interface highlights the venue’s main points of interest, and proposes a personalized itinerary and interface based on the user’s needs.

Screenshot of the Ezymob webapp

Audiodescription system on trial before the Games

Student performing audiodescription at the French Goalball Championship last May – ©Brool Video

With the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games just a year away, the Organizing Committee has helped finance the installation of an audiodescription system with the French Handisport Federation. In all, some twenty young journalism students have been undergoing training since last March. This system will be set up to cover the entire Para Athletic World Championships PARIS’23. Blind and visually-impaired spectators will be able to follow the competitions in the stadium, thanks to a web application available and displayed on our various communication channels.

One hundred additional PRM spaces

The Paris’23 team, for its part, was first able to obtain the construction of additional PRM spaces permanently anchored to the stadium, and then to install a temporary accessibility system. In fact, two large platforms have been installed, one of which can accommodate up to 100 wheelchairs and their carers, demonstrating the site’s capacity to accommodate a wide range of needs.

As a result, the visitor experience will be enriched both in terms of appreciation of sporting performance and practical use of the facilities. The quest for optimal accessibility is particularly timely in the lead-up to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Creation of new wheelchair spaces at Charléty stadium